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No Free Pass for Interdicted Cop

No Free Pass for Interdicted Cop
February 01
22:45 2019 - REPORTER NEWSPAPER - Feb. 1st. - 

Commissioner of Police Chester Williams on Wednesday told the media that “when it comes to Police Officers, we are going to do what we need to do to ensure that there is no cover up, because you would be the same one to come back and say oh, because it’s a Police officer you didn’t charge.”

Williams was referring to interdicted cop Darrel “Tutsi” Usher and his brother, Dorian, who were arrested on Sunday following an alleged altercation between Dorian and a friend of his, who made the complaint to Police but immediately withdrew it. Still, the Usher brothers were held for two days and taken to court on Tuesday for the charges to be formally withdrawn.

Commissioner Of Police
Chester Williams

According to Police reports, the complainant had been gambling with the Ushers on Sunday when a disagreement erupted into a confrontation. A weapon was reportedly discharged during the incident and the complainant claimed to have been beaten. Police were called to the location and arrested the Ushers following the complaint.

The complainant, however, later told Police he wished to withdraw the charges yet the brothers were held in lockup, formally charged and taken to Court for the matter to be formally dismissed. Commissioner of Police Chester Williams told the media on Wednesday that he did not see the matter as frivolous, even though the complainant wished to drop the charges, especially since a gun was reportedly fired.

Williams also addressed another matter of concern for the department, the fact that Usher was in possession of a cellphone during his detention in the holding area, with which he took pictures of the horrid conditions of the infamous “piss house” that later went viral and caused a stir with the Human Rights Commission.

Williams says he has tasked the Professional Standards Branch (PSB) with investigating how a prisoner in Police custody could have a cell phone on him. “Practically he was on Facebook all day! We cannot countenance such behavior so PSB will be dealing with that issue,” Williams said.

The Commissioner ended his interview by reminding the media that Usher, on interdiction following arraignment for Drug Trafficking, is still a cop and is still subject to discipline from the Department.


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