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Salvadorans Head Home to Vote

Salvadorans Head Home to Vote
February 01
11:14 2019 - REPORTER NEWSPAPER - Feb. 1st. - 

This weekend visitors and commuters who use the Western Border can expect to witness a much larger crowd at the border crossing due to a group of Salvadorans that have been granted permission to travel to their country and participate in the upcoming presidential elections this Sunday.

H.E. Luis Carabantes Palacios &
Minister of Transport Edmond Castro

It is believed that as many as 300 Salvadorans in five buses which are already in Belize will be traveling across the border, A Government press release dated January 15th 2019 confirmed that the Ambassador of Belize to Salvador, H.E. Luis Carabantes Palacios had met with Minister of Transport Edmond Castro in Belmopan to make the necessary arraignments to transport Salvadorans living in Belize home to vote.

This week Castro confirmed to the Reporter that the arrangements are not unorthodox and that similar requests have been made before and granted – “we gave them permission for their buses to come into the country and pick up their people in Belmopan that want to go and vote in the presidential elections and bring them back. Those persons have residency in Belize as well so it is not like they are illegals going out or coming in. They are documented citizens.”

Castro explained that the arraignments were necessary since any foreign buses that want to travel our highways need permission from the Department of Transport. Castro claimed that the arrangements did not include special ‘favors’ or waivers of any kind.

Minister of State in the Ministry of Immigration, Beverly Williams, told the Reporter that Immigration personnel have been made aware of the situation and have already been supplemented with additional staff on hand to ensure that there is free flow and no delays at the border point this weekend.

“The immigration officials are prepared. These persons will be dealt with within the normal immigration processes and procedures. Anybody who comes back in the bus will not be made to enter illegally because their documents will be checked. Our personnel are on the alert for it. It’s not a major concern, but they are aware and are putting in enough personnel to deal with those buses when they leave and come back,” Williams told the Reporter.

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