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Helping Hands on the City’s Cold Streets

Helping Hands on the City’s Cold Streets
February 02
07:24 2019 - REPORTER NEWSPAPER - Feb. 1st. -

On Sunday night, as many Belizeans were nestled in the comfort and warmth of their homes, enjoying a severe cold front that was sweeping across the country, one couple was on the streets of Belize City making sure that homeless persons were equipped with the proper gear to withstand the weather conditions.

Orissa Molina

Orissa Molina and her husband Javier, upon hearing that a strong front was forecast to approach the country on January 27th, quickly thought not only about keeping themselves and their two children warm, but about the less fortunate who sleep out in the open, on sidewalks, in parks and in dark alleyways, usually with only a damp piece of cardboard for cover.

They decided that it was the perfect opportunity to hand out blankets that they had stored away and so they packed them in their car and drove around downtown Belize City, quietly covering homeless people as they slept.

“They were grateful, and were like thank you, but some of them didn’t even know that they got a blanket until the following morning because they were sleeping. Some of them were sleeping on the sidewalks, covered under rags, thin sheets, cardboard boxes and even plastic bags,” recollected Orissa.

The heart and body warming gesture was not done to gain publicity but was a follow-up session similar to one that the family had successfully done last year. Orissa told the Reporter that the act was one of kindness and was done to motivate others to do the same and prove to the world that good still exists.

“A small act of kindness goes a long way and in our lifetime if we help one person, it will make an impact on humanity that will, in turn, help our generation to do more good in this world,” she rationalized.

She also explained that her family’s adventure over the weekend was based on an underlying message that “we are our brother’s keepers” and are responsible for taking care of each other, even if you do not know them personally. A trait which she says she wants to pass on to her children and inspire other parents to do the same – “we teach our kids if they see somebody in need of assistance, help them, and don’t do it because you expect anything in return. Do it out of the goodness of your heart.”

Last year the Molina family had done something similar, handing out over 25 blankets to the homeless, most of whom had taken up shelter inside the commercial center in downtown Belize City. This year the family says there were less persons there, but they suspect that the ongoing construction at the site has displaced the homeless to other parts of the city.

The family is planning other follow up sessions and is urging persons who might be interested in spreading some love and warmth to contact either of them via Facebook. They are also urging other persons countrywide to embark on similar missions and assist the needy whether it be by carrying out medical checkups, distributing medications, footwear, clothing, warm food, etc.

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