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Belizean Police Seek Guatemalan Police Assistance to Capture Shooter

Belizean Police Seek Guatemalan Police Assistance to Capture Shooter
February 09
15:00 2019

Belizean Police authorities have turned to their Guatemalan counterparts to ask for the capture of Anibal Avila after he reportedly shot indiscriminately at the Immgration/Customs building at the Benque border when he was denied entry into Belize early Thursday morning.

Police say that Avila arrived at the border crossing around 2:30 Thursday morning along with another man on a motorcycle and both checked in at the Immigration desk, but that Avila was denied entry on grounds that he was previously arrested and charged in Belize for being in possession of illegal firearms. That denial of entry did not sit well with Avila and he reportedly walked back towards Melchor, where he lives, but not without committing another crime. Police say that as he headed towards the border, Avila produced a handgun and started to shoot at the building where the Immigration officers were inside. His friend remained on the motorcycle as Avila scampered on foot across to Melchor. No one was hurt.

The Reporter has learned from Police sources that Avila lives in Melchor, but is reported to be a Belizean whose Guatemalan parents moved with him to Melchor when he was still a child.

The Police source told us that searches are normally conducted at our points of entries when authorities suspect that an individual has weapons, drugs or contraband items on them. In this case, Avila was not searched because he was denied entry.

Avila’s travel partner also voluntarily returned across to Melchor following the incident.

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