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Police Get New Fleet of Vehicles

Police Get New Fleet of Vehicles
February 15
18:56 2019 NEWSPAPER- By Marion Ali - 

The Belize Police Department has received a new fleet of Great Wall Wingle pick-up trucks to better tackle crime on the nation’s streets.

The 31 vehicles, which were acquired by the government at a cost of $1.3 Million from public and private funding, were handed over on Thursday afternoon.

Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams urged the drivers of the vehicles to take care of them, citing instances in the past when negligence and reckless driving led to quick depreciation of Police vehicles.

Williams told the media that a Vehicle Fleet Manager will be tasked to ensure that those who are in charge of them follow a protocol that will govern how they should be used. Anyone found to be in violation of the protocol will pay for whatever damages they cause, through paysheet deductions, Williams indicated. He also said that GPS systems will be installed in all the pick-ups to keep track of their whereabouts while they are not on their respective compounds.

The pick-ups will be distributed from Corozal to Toledo, except the cayes. Williams explained that because of the atmosphere in the cayes, it would not be prudent to assign vehicles there. What he has done is ordered that an estimate be taken of second-hand golf carts that are in good condition that could be acquired for Police work on the cayes.

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