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The Mystery Of ‘Who Tried To Kill Edward Conorquie ?’

The Mystery Of ‘Who Tried To Kill Edward Conorquie ?’
February 25
18:48 2019

UPDATE Feb. 26th

The Reporter has confirmed that Edward Conorquie, 22, died just after midday today Feb. 26th. at the KHMH. Conorquie was found in the bushes near the Independence junction on Sunday morning in an unconscious state, and a medical examination revealed he had been shot to the head and back. Police believe that he may have tried to jump out of a vehicle while in the company of men who wanted to kill him, and was shot in the process.

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Feb. 25th. – Early Sunday morning, Edward Conorquie’s battered body was found on the side of the road, near to the Independence junction. Today, he is in the KHMH in a very critical condition, and a closer examination has shown that he was shot multiple times to the head and body. According to ACP Joseph Myvett, there are still many more questions than answers, but they continue to investigate.


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