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LOOK AT THIS – March 8th.

LOOK AT THIS – March 8th.
March 08
13:01 2019

At the Tropical Education Center, TEC, we received numerous complaints about the way a Belizean parrot is being inhumanly kept in captivity in the village of Camalote. And those complaints are valid. Look at the photo. This red-lored parrot lives in squalor each and everyday.

So, being curious, our staff did a bit of research and guess what? A bit of wrongdoing is going on. And we sincerely ask the Forest Department who, as we believe, does a good job of guarding the well-being of our wildlife in captivity, WHY is this cruelty allowed to happen? Who are these people who think that they can turn their heads on the guidelines that are set to protect our precious natural resources?

The Forest Department laws list that the minimum cage be 3’x3’x4’. Not happening here, however. And that the cage must be predator proof. Also, half of the cage must be covered with solid roofing material.
Oh, it gets better. The cage must have protection from the elements on all three sides. And how about this one? The door should allow adequate access for cleaning!

Frankly, our staff is not just tired of getting reports from both Belizeans and foreign visitors. We would like to know an appropriate response for their questions. Why should we tolerate animal cruelty on any level, given that Belize boasts of taking such good care and stewardship of its natural resources?

Any suggestions anyone? Please send your comments to The Tropical Education Center. We are very weary of searching for an answer and tempering a situation which should not exist, whether it’s Camalote, or any other village, area or neighborhood in our country. How would YOU feel, being this bird? No Freedom. No Hope. And no one caring to act in order to improve the sad situation.

Belize MUST do better than this!

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