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Suspects in Gruesome Murder Released

Suspects in Gruesome Murder Released
March 08
13:54 2019

Police say that the investigation is still ongoing, but both persons who were detained for questioning in the murder of Joan Gabourel have been released. According to ACP Joseph Myvett, even today officers were on the ground, and they have gathered further evidence. The bike of Gabourel was found in the bushes near where the body was found, and Police are trying to determine whether items they have found belonged to her. Myvett also confirmed that they have recovered bloodstained clothing, and will be sending it to the lab to determine whether it is here.

In a new revelation, Myvett also confirmed that a person who family members say had been ‘stalking’ Gabourel moved from Valley of Peace after the murder and is now being sought for questioning in the murder.

Gabourel, an 18 year-old fourth form student and football player from the Valley of Peace community, Cayo, was chopped, stabbed and beaten to death, presumably sometime after 7:00 last week Tuesday night after she left her house on a bicycle to visit a classmate about a mile away to plan a fundraiser for a school function. The mother of a toddler, who was also four months pregnant, was scheduled to graduate in June.

When she did not return home around 10:00 that night, her brother went looking for her, but didn’t see her nor the bicycle on which she left home. The next day, Gabourel’s classmate confirmed with her family that she never arrived at her house that night. Checks made around in the village turned up no sign of her and by Thursday, the family reported her missing.

It took two more days before a search party, consisting mostly of close relatives, found the nude, partially decomposed body of the young mother in some bushes on her family’s cane field with some of her belongings nearby. That was about a mile away from where she lived towards the exit to the village and nowhere near her classmate’s house. A post mortem examination conducted at the Ladyville Medical College certified that she died from a combination of multiple stab wounds to the chest, a chop wound to the head, and blunt force trauma to the face. Police say they suspect that Gabourel had been dead since the night she left home.

Today, Head of the Police Department’s Crimes Investigations Branch, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Joseph Myvett, told the media that Police had two persons in custody pending investigations. Those persons, who are from the same village, Myvett said, are not cooperating with the Police in their investigations.

Gabourel’s family feels that a neighbour whom she had for some years told them had been trailing her and watching her from his nearby yard, knows something about what happened to their loved one. A second theory they shared with the Reporter today is that because the location where she was found was not along the route she would have taken to her classmate’s house, perhaps she was knocked unconscious when she left home and was taken to the location where she was then brutally murdered.

Because of the advanced state of decomposition, Gabourel was buried on Saturday night in the village, but a Memorial Service was held in her honour tonight. Her daughter turned one year old last month.

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