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No Arrests Yet, In Armed Burglary At Sapphire Resort

No Arrests Yet, In Armed Burglary At Sapphire Resort
April 04
11:29 2019

April, 4th. 2019 –
Two Canadian tourists and a security guard became victims of a horrifying aggravated burglary at Sapphire Beach Resort on Tuesday when three men and a woman entered the resort grounds, tied them up, assaulted them and stole an undisclosed amount of cash before escaping.

On April 2nd, around 1:30 a.m. security guard Wani Augustine was on duty at the resort located nine and a half miles north of Ambergris Caye when he was attacked by the group of intruders. Augustine was subdued and taken into a nearby structure where he was handcuffed and assaulted resulting in injuries to his head.

The three men and a woman dressed in dark clothing and with rags tied over their faces were armed with guns and knives. They then reportedly burglarized the restaurant where they stole an undisclosed amount of cash.

The robbers then made their way to one of the guest rooms which was occupied by Joseph and Marilyn Troiano who were both inside sleeping. The couple was also subdued, tied up, robbed and assaulted by the culprits.

According to Police the thieves escaped on a golf cart and a motorcycle belonging to the resort. The golf cart was found abandoned on Barrier Reef Drive and the motorcycle was found six miles north of San Pedro Town.

Police say that they do not have any suspects but are investigating the incident.

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