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Lisa Shoman Threatned

Lisa Shoman Threatned
April 07
14:26 2019
Thursday, April 4, 2019 - REPORTER NEWS STAFF - 

Since her decision to represent the Government of Belize in the case brought on by the People’s United Party (PUP), Senior Counsel Lisa Shoman has come under a series of online attacks, one of which even suggested that she is guilty of treason – the penalty for which is death!

But those posts and comments, which were made on Facebook, were not tolerated and entertained. The Senators who represent the Social sector, Osmany Salas, Mark Lizarraga, Rev. Ashley Rocke and Elena Smith, joined by the Belize Network of NGOs (BNN) sent out press releases condemning the acts and the threat. Also adding to that cause when we reached out to him to weigh in was John Briceño, the Leader of the PUP to which Shoman belongs.

Briceño was not aware of the threat when we contacted him but he offered the following statement to us: “I find that despicable and do not support it for a second. We never encourage nor condone violence against anyone! We have zero tolerance for violence in our party. We must all be respectful of one another and of one another’s views.”

The Social Sector Senators in their release stated in part: “The current divisive climate in our country is becoming more pronounced and the invective unfortunately even worse so. There is no place in Belize for bullying of any kind, let alone death threats and any threats or calls for either force or violence. We condemn those without hesitation, and call on all leaders in Belize, political and otherwise, to keep the peace in our beloved Nation.”

Meanwhile, the BBN wrote: “We call on the appropriate authorities to take all threats of violence on social media and other public platforms seriously and to take all action necessary in this regard. Such behavior is unacceptable. We also appeal to the general public to cease and desist from abusive and insulting behavior and attacks against anyone who expresses his/her opinion on whether or not we should take Guatemala’s claim to the ICJ. It is our civic duty to report any such threats of violence.”

Shoman told us that she has lodged a report with the authorities and expressed her dismay in the way she has come under attacks and threats, first when she took on the Orozco/UniBam case and now that she is representing the Government in this matter. She hastened to point out that she stands up for all kinds of people who turn to her for that help and that doesn’t mean that others who are displeased with it have the right to incite violence against her for it.

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