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Two Suspects Sought in Murder of Security Guard

Two Suspects Sought in Murder of Security Guard
April 12
07:52 2019

Wednesday, April 12, 2019

The discovery of the decomposed body of security guard Macario Alberto Tzib, 47, inside his rented apartment in San Ignacio has sparked a hunt for two suspects who Police believe can assist in the murder investigation.

The two suspects are described as being the last two persons who were seen in the deceased’s company on Saturday evening, prior to the discovery of his dead body on Monday, April 8th.

Tzib’s decomposed body was found around 4:45 p.m. on his bed inside a wooden structure on Thornley Street. According to family members, the deceased had both his hands bound together as well as a large cut wound to his neck and multiple stab wounds to his chest.

Family members say that on Monday evening, Tzib’s landlord became concerned when she did not see him around the property but saw flies coming from inside the dwelling and smelled a foul odor. She also discovered that the front door of the house was padlocked from the outside and so she instructed a minor to crawl through a window that had been left open to check on what was causing the stench. Upon the discovery of the dead body, the landlord was alerted and Investigators were called in to process the murder scene.

Family members of the deceased, originally from Bullet Tree Village in the Cayo District, noted that he relocated to live and work in San Ignacio a couple of years ago. The family says that Tzib is not a troublemaker and lived an honest life working as a security guard at the Big H factory.

The deceased’s brother, Moises Tzib, told the Reporter that “the last time I spoke to him was about a week ago, but he did not tell me whether he was in trouble or offer me any comment about his personal life. We had a good relationship and we did not have any problems with each other. All I know is that he is a frequent drinker, but I would usually advise him to take care of himself and his job because jobs are hard to find. He told me that he would only drink on his day off but did not say if he had any personal problem with anyone.”

The family says that a search inside the house revealed that Tzib’s flat screen television was missing. They believe that he was killed by persons with whom he may have been socializing.

Police in San Ignacio are urging the public to come forward with any information they may have about Tzib’s murder. Authorities also assured the public that they are aggressively investigating the latest murder that has disrupted the usually quiet community.

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