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UPDATE – Body Of Teen Who Went Missing at Sea Found

UPDATE – Body Of Teen Who Went Missing at Sea Found
April 13
14:31 2019
Saturday, April 13th. -  By Marion Ali - 

The body of Fredrick Lammey Jr., 16, has been found in front of Coco Plum Island, a few miles away from Dangriga Town, and his immediate family believes that there is more to the story and have asked the Police to conduct a thorough investigation into the circumstances leading to his death.

Today, The family has asked Dangriga Police to conduct a thorough investigation, because the circumstances that has been reported to the police about his death is so strange.

This was after his cousin with whom Lammey had gone on a fishing trip reported that Lammey jumped into the sea while journeying back to Dangriga on Thursday.

Lammey, who was a student of Delille Academy in Dangriga, had gone on the fishing trip to South Water Caye with his cousin, fisherman Jael Sjogreen, 23, and another person earlier in the week.

Sjogreen had reported that Lammey had begun to behave strangely and that he decided to take him back to Dangriga. He said that the youth became so unruly that he had to be tied with a rope on the trip but that during the trip back, the boat’s engine malfunctioned, and that Lammey managed to free himself and jump out of the boat and into the sea.

Sjogreen said that after they repaired the boat engine, they tried to locate Lammey but were unable to do so.

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