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Guat. President Acts the Fool

Guat. President Acts the Fool
April 13
05:23 2019

Stunning and upsetting news for Belizeans coming out of Guatemala this week started to circulate on Facebook in a video showing Guatemala’s President, Jimmy Morales at a primary school in his country teaching the schoolchildren how to draw a map of Guatemala which includes Belize as a part of their country.

The video recording, taken by a news crew from Soy502 that followed him on the trip to the school in Cocales Village in the department of Izabal, Guatemala, south of our southern border with that country, showed Morales engaging the students in a question and answer segment about geography. When the students remained silent, Morales gave them his definition that geography is the study of territories and of countries. Morales went to the whiteboard, Soy502 reported, and asked one of the students to draw the map of Guatemala. The little boy did so, omitting Belize altogether, but after he finished, “Morales took the marker and drew the territory of Belize,” the television station reported. “The president corrected it and drew the part that, according to him, he needed,” it continued, quoting Morales as saying to the students: “‘We are always going to get used to drawing Belize, why, because we are in an important process, we are reclaiming this territory,'” he told them explaining his hope of going to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to do that.

Soy502’s report also revealed that after Morales finished speaking with the students, he fell behind to tell the teacher that he used to teach children to draw Belize as part of Guatemala.

The Reporter contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to try to get a reaction to this latest show of what Belizeans consider as gross disrespect by the Guatemalan president, but we were informed that the Ministry had no comment on the matter.

This is not the first time that the notion of including Belize on the Guatemalan map was so blatantly promoted. There are maps in official government spaces in that country that has the Guatemalan map showing Belize as a part of that country. Aside from that, the unpopular Guatemalan term, “Belice es nuestro” is a resounding reminder to all Belizeans of that country’s ever-present claim over our land.

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