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Mother Seeks Answers After Teen’s Sudden Death

Mother Seeks Answers After Teen’s Sudden Death
April 16
14:55 2019

Monday, April 15, 2019
A mother who had to hold a rushed burial service for her teenage son on Saturday after his body was found near Coco Plum Caye that day, is asking the people in whose company he was last to tell her what really happened that led to his death.

Olinca Montero told the Reporter through tears today that she feels there is much more to what the cousins of Fredrick Lammey Jr., 16, have reported to Police. That report is that Lammey, 16, left Dangriga Town last week Monday en route to South Water Caye along with two cousins. One of them, fisherman Jael Sjogreen, 23, told Police that when they arrived at the island, Lammey began to behave strangely and they decided to take him back to Dangriga on Thursday. They were in the process of doing that, Sjogreen maintains, when Lammey became so unruly that they had to restrain him with a rope in the boat.

But somewhere on the trip to Dangriga, the boat experienced engine failure and Lammey reportedly freed himself and jumped into the sea not far from Coco Plum Island and began to swim. His two cousins say they repaired the boat and tried to locate Lammey, thinking that he had reached the island safely. His body was found near that caye on Saturday.

Head of the Crimes Investigations Branch (CIB) for Eastern Division. Alejandro Cowo deputized for his National CIB superior, ACP Myvett today. He told reporters that there were no signs of violence on the body and that the pathologist certified that the cause of death was consistent with drowning. Cowo said that samples were taken from Lammey for testing to see if he was under the influence of any drug.

But Ms. Montero told this newspaper that her family has a hard time accepting the circumstances and autopsy results. She said that Lammey’s uncle went to inspect the body before the autopsy was conducted and he told her that he observed what looked like a bruise over his nephew’s eye and a part of his head was swollen. This, she told us, might correspond to what one of Lammey’s cousins said before they gave a statement to Police – that while the three were at South Water Caye, Lammey started to hallucinate and then blurted out that he had to tell her something before he died and tried to start the boat to leave the island. They reportedly told the family that Lammey became so disorderly that one of them admitted to hitting him in the head with a conch shell to restrain him before they left the caye.

Lammey, who was a second form student of Delille Academy in Dangriga, should have been at school last week. Ms. Montero said that while he stayed with a cousin, he was close to her and he never told her that he was going on a fishing trip last week Monday. She said she only found out that he was at the caye the following day and then later learned that they were bringing him back because of his unexplained behaviour.

She said the family believes that Lammey’s cousins are not telling the whole truth and that all they want is closure. In sharing the last two conversations she had with Lammey, Ms. Montero said that he visited her last weekend all dressed up to attend a school ball. “He was happy. He said Mom – he gave me a big hug and he said, ‘the only thing I need now is money to treat my girlfriend,’ and I said, ‘no problem,’ and I gave him some money and he hugged me again and left.”

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