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Muffles Teacher Reinstated; Humiliated

Muffles Teacher Reinstated; Humiliated
May 02
22:47 2019

Thursday, May 2nd. 2019 –
The teacher who was sent home from Muffles College because someone leaked her nude pictures in December, was reinstated on Monday at the behest of the Ministry of Education after the Teaching Services Commission found her to have no fault for the leaked pictures. But the school, which had to be threatened with sanctions, has apparently not given up its quest to make the teacher’s life miserable.

The Reporter has received information that the teacher has sent off a letter to the school’s Principal, Maria Johnston, requesting a public apology after she reportedly humiliated and bullied the teacher in front of the teacher and student body on her first day back at school. Letters were also sent to the Teaching Services Commission and the Ministry of Education, seeking their intervention to ensure that Johnston nor the school continues the onslaught against the teacher.

From the time the Commission had found that the teacher was to be reinstated in April, the school had managed to keep the teacher off its compound, ignoring the ruling that she was innocent of the charges the school had brought against her.

The report reaching the Reporter is that on Monday when school reopened, Johnston announced over the school’s intercom that the teacher was back because the Teaching Services Commission ruled in the teacher’s favour, despite that her “explicit, sexual pornographic nude pictures were out.”

Since the incident, the teacher, in her letter to Johnston, the Ministry and the Commission, cited the Belize Teaching Services Commission Handbook 2012 which states, “Where the teacher is found innocent of the charge, the teacher shall continue in employment without prejudice to his status or emoluments.”

President of the Belize National Teachers’ Union (BNTU), Elena Smith, told the Reporter on Thursday that the Ministry and the Union have discussed the matter and the Ministry is looking to see what steps can be taken to resolve the matter with the school’s board.

“The school’s management can be held accountable for that principal’s action because the principal is working or acting on behalf of the management,” Smith told us. She said the teacher can also seek legal advice to see what other options she has.

We have tried to reach Johnston for her position on the matter, but our efforts have been futile.

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