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Machakilha Students Did Not Have to Trek By Night This Time

Machakilha Students Did Not Have to Trek By Night This Time
May 03
19:34 2019

Part 2 of PSE;           Part 1

By Marion Ali

Last month the Reporter shared the story of the five standard six students from Machakil Ha who had to get up in the dark of night and leave home by foot so that they could get a ride from the nearest village with transportation to their exams centre. Their return journey was no better because they have to walk back the over five miles to their village in rain that made the trail to their village mucky and dangerously slippery. But the children did not have to endure all that hardship on day two of the PSE exams today because Minister of Education, Patrick Faber said provisions were made to have the children transported closer to their exam centres before hand to allow them to be better prepared and fresh to sit their exams.

Faber says the people of Machakil Ha are living like how many people in the world live in remote areas and it is not a trek that the children have to take out of the village everyday since they have their own primary school there. The Education Minister criticized the school for not making the same arrangements for the children for day one of the exams last month.

“The management or administration of that school could have worked out where those children were brought out from the day before and placed maybe in a hotel or with a family so that they can start the day fresh. That is not the Ministry’s thing,” Faber said, suggesting that the school’s administration and teachers could have approached the Ministry of Education office in Toledo to ask for the transportation for the children beforehand.

But what the 100 or so villagers of Machakil Ha want is an access road to their village so that they do not have to walk the five miles out at all when they need to leave or re-enter the village. Their plight is one that the Ministry of Works had indicated two weeks ago to the Reporter could only at this time be facilitated with cutting out and shaping a road, but not surfacing the road. That cutting and shaping would have to take place before the rainy season comes.

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