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Police Seek Two Suspect for Matute’s Murder

Police Seek Two Suspect for Matute’s Murder
May 24
15:38 2019

Thursday, May 23, 2019 –
In Roaring Creek, the search remains ongoing for two known suspects whom it is believed can shed some light on the investigation into the shooting death of Teakettle resident Clifford Matute, 34, which occurred at his home in Teakettle on Saturday night.

Matute’s body, with gunshot wounds to the head, back, shoulders, abdomen and chest area was found behind his wooden home just after 12:30 a.m.

Since the shooting, it has been ascertained by investigators that Matute was at home alone and was standing on his front veranda when two men on a motorcycle drove up to the residence and open fire at him. Based on blood splatter from the scene, Police believe that the first shot was fired from a sawed-off shot gun and injured Matute. It is suspected that Matute jumped off his veranda and attempted to take cover behind his house. However, the gunman chased behind him and fired another shot at him, injuring him a second time and immediately rendering him immobile.

One resident who lives in the immediate area told the media that around midnight he heard two gunshots and when he looked out his front door he saw a man racing past his residence. That man was picked up on the street by the motorcycle driver who was waiting in the shadows.

After the shooter left the scene the witness said that he exited from his home and proceeded in the direction he had heard the shots moments before. There he found Matute lying on the ground, still breathing.

Residents in the area say that Matute was a calm and friendly neighbor who would keep to himself and so they find his murder quite shocking. While the Reporter was not able to reach a close family member of the deceased, one of his cousin, told The Reporter that while Matute was a quiet person, in his ‘former life’ he was known to be involved in fights. However, he left all of that behind when he chose to be a family man and so it is suspected that his murder might be related to one of those incidents in his past life.

Police also confirmed that Matute had a criminal past and while they have not been able to ascertain a motive for the murder they are investigating the possibility that Matute was killed by someone he knew.

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