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Minor Killed While Downloading Movies

Minor Killed While Downloading Movies
May 24
15:09 2019

Wednesday, May 22, 2019
A worried father who spent Sunday night waiting for his son to return home from a family visit, got the shock of his life when he went looking for his son Monday morning and found his body in a drain on the Stann Creek Valley Road.

Marvin Morales, 15, left his home in Hope Creek Village on Sunday to visit his aunt in Pomona Village. He spent the entire day there with family members and left around 8:00 on his bicycle enroute to his home. He never reached.

Morales’ body was found around 5:00 a.m. lying inside a drain, He was already dead, with severe injuries to his head and body. His mangled blue beach cruiser bicycle was also found beside the highway. Canvassing of the scene turned up a broken headlight from a vehicle, and investigators say that they are working on trying to determine its origin and possibly its owner. That task is quite a complicated one and authorities are seeking the assistance of persons living in that area to be vigilant of any vehicle with damages or a broken headlight.

It is suspected that when Morales left his aunt’s home, he stopped in front of a business located beside the highway to catch a Wi-Fi signal and download movies, as he would usually do. It was while standing beside the road that a vehicle passed and knocked him down.

Father of the deceased, Marvin Morales Sr. said that he found his son’s phone beside the highway still in the process of downloading a movie, and so he suspects that was what his son was doing when the vehicle came along and ran him over in the dark.

Morales Sr. said that after he found the body he went looking for answers and asked a security guard from the business if he had seen who was responsible for his son’s death. According to the grieving father the security guard told him that around 8:00 on Sunday night he heard a car speeding past and then shortly after, he heard a loud bang but when he came out to check he did not see anything unusual and the vehicle had already left.

Anyone with information that might assist Police in this case can contact the Dangriga Police Station.

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