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Traffic Fatality On The George Price Highway Last Night

Traffic Fatality On The  George Price Highway Last Night
May 24
08:08 2019

Friday, May 24th. 2019 – By Marion Ali
Early reports of the incident that claimed the life of immigration officer Jessica Heusner, say that she may have lost control of the car she was driving as it reached a curve and it slammed into an 18-wheeler truck. An impact so violent that the car burst into flames and probably killed her instantly.

The incident occurred between miles 11 and 12 on the Western highway (aka: George Price Hwy.) at approximately 10:30 pm. where there is a curve, but it is unknown at this time if the truck was parked or moving when the incident happened. Eye witnesses said the car hit the 18 wheeler and then exploded.

When authorities reached the area, they said they observed the small SUV-type vehicle in the middle of the highway, engulfed in flames and a frieghtliner tow head truck off the the left hand side of the highway, with its front portion off the road and in the bushes. Another frieghtliner truck was on the right hand side of the highway with extensive damages to the rear wheels on the driver side.

The Reporter extends sincere condolences to her family, friends and work colleagues.

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