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CXC To Consider Petition Calling for Re-sitting of 2019 CSEC Math

May 26
11:53 2019

Perhaps the most serious breach of an exam in the history of the Caribbean Exams Council (CXC) occurred last week when students sat Paper II of the 2019 CSEC Mathematics exam. It was discovered shortly thereafter that there was a breach in security in Trinidad and Tobago (T&T), which has led to three invigilators being fired, and since then well over 5,000 people across the Caribbean have signed a petition on Facebook, lobbying for the exams to be re-administered; but the incident has no bearing on Belize, neither in the results for our students nor as far as the petition is concerned.

The Reporter spoke on Tuesday afternoon with the Director of the Ministry of Education’s Exams Unit, Nelson Longsworth who said that “the breach was not linked to Belize, so we are not considering making any requests for it to be given again, nor putting the undue stress on the students. Our results will not be affected.”

Mr. Longsworth did say, however, that if CXC feels that the breach crept beyond Trinidad and Tobago, it can rule that the exams be done over completely. He also pointed out that this is not the first time that a breach of CXC exams has been discovered.

The cheating was purportedly captured on video that was circulated on social media, showing students taking the C-Sec exam in Trinidad using their phones and text books. It quickly infuriated parents of other students who sat the exam, prompting them to call for the entire region to re-sit the exam.

“It would be unfair if these students are allowed a free pass, and equally unfair if only selected schools/students are allowed to re-sit a supplementary exam. The extent to which exams could have been scanned and shared, not only nationally, but regionally is unfathomable….The invigilator also could have further compromised the situation by sharing the exam with other invigilators,” the petition stated in part.

The petition also pointed out that a student who is guilty of any misconduct can be disqualified and then barred from entry to future examinations offered by CXC.

CXC has indicated that it is working closely with the Trinidad Ministry of Education to investigate the incident and assures that “appropriate corrective action will be taken quickly to reinforce existing security measures and to mitigate any potential impact.”

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