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Andrew Bennett Returns to Court for Extradition Hearing

Andrew Bennett Returns to Court for Extradition Hearing
May 30
19:28 2019

Thursday, May 30, 2019 –
Attorney Andrew Bennett, who is wanted in the United States on seven counts of money laundering for allegedly agreeing to launder money at the behest of an undercover FBI agent, was back in court this week as the case regarding the US extradition request for him continues. Attorneys for both sides argued a technicality on Wednesday regarding a missing certification from the Belize Ambassador to the US in the bundle of extradition documents.

Bennett’s attorney, Anthony Sylvestre, argued that the document should not be allowed by the court to be admitted at this juncture, however, Chief Magistrate Sharon Frazer ruled she would allow the prosecution to present the certificate. “We did make strenuous submissions as it relates to why we believe that ought not to be but at the end of the day, the learned Chief Magistrate has made her decision and so we move on…” Sylvestre said.

The case is currently being prosecuted by Assistant Solicitor General, Samantha Matute-Tucker, and Director of Public Prosecutions, Cheryl-Lynn Vidal. The matter returns to court on June 4, when preliminary inquiries in the trial are expected to begin.

The extradition request was made by the US in December 2017, and Bennett was arraigned in January 2018. He has since been out on bail awaiting his hearing. Bennett was accused of playing a role in a money laundering operation based in Puerto Rico. The ring of money launderers allegedly washed money for drug trafficking organizations. Bennett was allegedly busted by a Drug Enforcement Authority agent on a sting operation who claims he gave Bennett $250,000 to launder.

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