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Roe to Shyne: BACK OFF or I Will Defend Myself

Roe to Shyne: BACK OFF or I Will Defend Myself
May 31
09:51 2019

Friday, May 31st. 2019 –
Late this evening the Reporter received copies of a letter written by attorney Bryan Neal and addressed to Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, asking the intervention of the Police Department to stop Shyne Barrow’s ‘continued criminal behaviour so that my client can move and socialize without fear of harassment and/or physical injury.”

And in the same instance, the letter delivers a not very subtle message, stating, “As you are aware, my client has a constitutional right to defend himself and if he is placed in fear again, he will defend himself as far as the law allows.”

The letter cites two occasions, on May 11 and 24, when Neal’s client, Bradley Roe, allegedly came under attack from Barrow and in one instance, “known gang figures that were seen socializing with Mr. Barrow on the same night followed my client to the parking lot making him fearful of serious bodily harm.” It went on to state that the two incidents were unwarranted and unprovoked.

Neal also wrote a second letter to Shyne Barrow, regarding a Facebook post he made of Mr. Roe, in which Barrow referred to Roe as a “cocaine addict”. The post, according to Neal’s letter also claimed that Barrow’s security personnel were having Roe removed from an event which he did not even attend, referring to the May 24th incident described earlier.

The letter to Barrow demands that he immediately cease and desist from issuing further defamatory remarks and on Facebook, in sections of the media, issue an apology that Roe and Neal approve of before it is issued.

“If our demands are not complied with by the close of business on Friday May 31, 2019, I have been instructed to commence action in the Supreme Court to seek an injunction to restrain you from further defaming my client and also to claim damages, interest and costs without further notice to you,” the letter concludes.

Last week reports circulated that Shyne Barrow, son of the Prime Minister, had been punched in the face by Roe while in the parking lot of the Northern Shops mall. While the Police would not comment, the Reporter was able to learn that Barrow went to the Police to make a report against Roe, and then later dropped the charges. Early this week Barrow himself would verify those reports in a Facebook post.

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