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Editorial – May 31st. 2019

Editorial – May 31st. 2019
May 31
16:05 2019

The Police Department and its Commissioner should be supported and commended for their efforts to make it more difficult for young people to buy liquor, including beer.

Because of the relative ease of collecting substantial revenues from liquor licenses, City Councils and Town Boards have abandoned their inhibitions and concerns for public welfare, and have so relaxed their standards that almost every Chinese shop in the country, and there are thousands of them, will apply for a license to sell beer.

Lottery and Liquor – these are the two staples of Chinese grocers. It is going to be an uphill battle for us to change that, but we have to begin somewhere if we are to put a brake on crime and violence in Belize.

Young people and even older men and women who are looking for a quick fix will imbibe beer with marijuana or rum with marijuana. The effect of both substances taken together is quicker and more exhilarating than liquor or marijuana taken separately.

The person who uses marijuana alone is generally subdued. But if marijuana is inflamed by beer or rum, the mood for violence is quickly enhanced. No studies have been done of the combined effect of cannabinol and alcohol, but this kind of fix is very popular among young people.

How many times have we heard of violence erupting among friends who have been socializing. Socializing is a popular past-time among people who don’t have anything else to do, but the veneer of social communication can quickly be broken when marijuana is enhanced by alcohol.

Parents seem unwilling or unable to convince their children that this combination is a dangerous cocktail, and once a child turns 14 or 15 he/she no longer listens to what his “old lady” or his “old man” has to say.

Belizeans have a cultural epidemic on their hands, and most of us seem to be unaware of its sinister power.

Thank goodness our Police Commissioner has taken note. We ought to give him full support in his effort to close down some of these “beer joints.”

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