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Immigration Officer Dies in Tragic Accident

Immigration Officer Dies in Tragic Accident
May 31
08:31 2019

Immigration Officer Jessica Heusner, 35, lost her life while driving on the George Price Highway to her home in Belmopan last week Thursday night, after staying back to work late and then hanging out with friends. She died instantly when her SUV slammed into one of two 18-wheeler freightliners travelling in the opposite direction, and then burst into flames.

The mother of two young children, ages 12 and four, was driving between miles 11 and 12 when she tried to overtake a trailer in front of her sometime around 10:00 pm. In the process, her SUV apparently clipped the rear wheel of the first oncoming towhead and then crashed into the second one behind before it exploded.

When Police and fire officials arrived at the scene, Heusner’s vehicle was already engulfed in flames and after fire personnel put out the blaze, they retrieved her remains from the wreck.

Station Supervisor for the National Fire Service, Kenneth Mortis told the media last Friday that Heusner’s death could have been caused by a combination of the impact as well as the resulting fire. He explained that people get trapped inside vehicles upon impact, causing severe injuries.

The single mother had enrolled back in school and had been on study leave to pursue her Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Belize. She just returned to work in Belize City last week Monday.

One of her lecturers at UB, Dr. Candice Pitts, publicly described Heusner as “very strong in terms of her position on the empowerment of women, in particular, and the marginalized.”

Heusner, a public officer for over ten years, had reportedly been promoted to take over the Belize City office. She had reportedly commented to a friend that she would need to find somewhere to stay in Belize City because she was getting tired of the commuting.

In 2005, Heusner lost a sister in similar circumstances, when the vehicle that sister (Elizabeth Heusner) was travelling in smashed head-on into a Mack truck used to pump cement on the then Western Highway. In that incident, the driver of the vehicle had swerved to avoid hitting a child that had gotten off a bus and was crossing the highway, but ran straight into the truck. Ms. Heusner had also lost her father recently.

Police have issued Notices of Intended Prosecution to the drivers of the two oncoming freightliners.

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