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Editorial – Friday, June 7th. 2019

Editorial – Friday, June 7th. 2019
June 08
16:26 2019

On Thursday, June 6th the countries which fought the German and Japanese forces in World War ll celebrated D-Day, that fateful day in June when the greatest sea-borne invasion in history was launched upon the beaches of France to take back the countries of Europe from the grasp of the German dictator, Adolph Hitler.

The aim was to push Nazi Germany out of the occupied countries of Europe. It required a super-human, bone-crunching effort which involved 7,000 ships of war, and 156,000 allied troops during dawn to dusk fighting to dislodge occupying German troops by creating beach-heads at five points along the west coast of France.

After anchoring off the coast of France for a couple of hours while an aerial bombardment softened up the enemy, US troops landed on Omaha and Utah beaches at the crack of dawn. About an hour later Canadian forces landed at Juno, and British troops landed at Gold and Sword.

Two million battle-ready troops from 12 countries were assembled in the UK in preparation for the D-Day onslaught against Germany. It took 11 more gruelling months of brutal fighting to push back the Germans. The war ended with the surrender of Japan on September 12, 1945.

Despite the huge number of troops participating, keeping D-day secret was vital to the success of the operation. A disinformation campaign led the Germans to believe that “Operation Fortitude” was the main plan for the allies to invade the continent. They expected a two-pronged attack at Norway and Calais. The deception was a complete success. Hitler was asleep at the time and his aids were reluctant to awaken him because they feared his irrational temper. Moreover they were still convinced that the main thrust of the invasion would come from Calais, and that the assault on the east coast was just a diversionary tactic.

Many able men and women died in that war. Some 60 million men, women and children perished in that dreadful conflagration including the flower of the youths of Britain, the United States, Canada, India, Australia and the Soviet Union.

It was a war that changed the world and ushered in a new world order with the United Nations, the Geneva Convention, the International of Justice and the UN Security Council to stand guard for the protection of weaker nations.

The whole world stands in deep gratitude, especially to Britain and the United States, for stopping Hitler and his formidable war machine. If it were not for their combined sacrifice, the world would be a much different place today.

Guatemala, under the influence of the dictator Jorge Ubico, who was an admirer of Hitler and Mussolini, had his eye on Belize. Guatemala would most certainly have moved against Belize if the allies had lost the war. D-Day therefore has a special significance for Belize. We join the other free nations of the world on this 85th anniversary with thanksgiving and deep appreciation for our deliverance and our democracy. We resolve to keep our democracy alive, no matter what, as our first obligation and allegiance to our country.

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