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ComPol Writes Officers Who Sat Police Exam

ComPol Writes Officers Who Sat Police Exam
June 15
15:41 2019

By Marion Ali –

The Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, has written to the Police Officers who sat the recent Police exams. In it, he congratulated the ones who passed the test and offered a word of encouragement to those who didn’t.

The letter stated in part: “Please accept my congratulations to those of you who were successful in the promotional exam. And to those who were not I say you tried and fell short but that does not mean that you are dumb and do not know your job. The exam was a high level one and there are several factors that can cause one to fail an exam; therefore In some way or the other you were all successful.”

The Commissioner congratulated the Officers who were successful and are now going before the promotional board, encouraging them to be focused and confident.

“When you are before the board and is being question, you must be focused and demonstrate your job aptitude, knowledge and skills. Do not be shy nor nervous, listen carefully to the questions asked and answer only what is asked. Do not run off and bore the panelist. Remember what the panelist are looking for is your job knowledge, skills and ability to think on your feet. Prepare yourselves, go out and do your best, after all not all of you who are going before the board will be promoted considering the limited vacancies.”

Williams encouraged the Officers who did not pass thr exam:

“If you are a hard, committed and dedicated worker, I ask that you keep it up. Do not be demoralized but the success of your brothers and sisters. If you allow the process to demoralize you then you will be defeating yourselves and it will affect you when your time should come.”

Some 79.9% of the Officers who sat the exams did not pass.

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