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Who Killed Marcia Talbert…And Why?

Who Killed Marcia Talbert…And Why?
June 21
12:43 2019

Police, on Monday, confirmed to the media that slain security officer, Marcia Talbert, 40, had received threats recently at her job site at the Bowen and Bowen compound in Ladyville. This, we understand from another source, was after she had reportedly taken action against an employee at the company, who then threatened her.

Talbert was on duty inside the security booth near the gate at the Bowen and Bowen compound shortly before 4:00 Sunday morning when unknown persons entered the compound near the Belize Defense Force (BDF) camp side, according to Police, and ambushed her inside the booth, shooting her several times. It is believed that another security guard, Mansa Baptist, who was outside the booth conducting patrols, heard the shots and when he attempted to check on his colleague, was shot in his back. He was found critically wounded some 60 feet away from the security booth.

“There are no signs of entry into any of the buildings inside of the compound and what we understand so far is that she had been recently receiving threats in regards to some dispute at work and that is one of the possible motives that we are looking at,” Belize District Crimes Investigations Branch (CIB) head, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Alejandro Cowo told the media.

Police have no suspects detained, but believe there were at least two assailants. They are trying to see whether surveillance cameras in the area captured the incident as it unfolded.

ASP Cowo said that Police are also looking at another possible angle – that Talbert had become the beneficiary of an estate of her recently deceased husband, with whom she had had an estranged relationship. ASP Cowo said there was a dispute “among family members as to the estate that the man left behind as he, at the time of his death, was living with someone else and not the deceased. I know that they were going through some legal dispute in the Court in regards to the estate that the man left behind. Talbert, we understand, was scheduled to appear in the Court this week over that matter.

Talbert, originally from Double Head Cabbage Village, started working at Bowen and Bowen about a year ago, her sister, Ethel Garcia told the Reporter, describing her as a “no-nonsense security officer,” who loved sports, having played softball over the years with a few of the teams in the Belize rural area.

In that conversation with her sister recently, however, the deceased never mentioned that she was fearful for her life and that, according to Garcia, was because she feared no one and nothing.

The killing has impacted Double Head Cabbage residents greatly, Garcia told us, because her sister was a jovial individual who never looked for trouble. They have planned her funeral for Sunday at 2:00 pm, and she will be laid to rest in the village.

Mansa Baptist, meanwhile, is said to now be in a stable condition at the KHMH.


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