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Corozal Man Gunned Down At His Home

Corozal Man Gunned Down At His Home
June 22
14:28 2019

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Just before 8:00 on Friday night, Police were called to San Andres Road to the residence of Enrique Martinez, 47. At the back of the house they found the motionless body of a man who was identified as David Martinez, 23. Martinez was rushed to the Corozal Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

Preliminary investigations reveal that Martinez was hanging out with two other men under a shed outside the house when two men, both with faces covered, ran towards them and started firing at them from about 15 feet away. The two men with Martinez managed to run for cover, but Martinez was hit multiple times in the body and head and fell close by.

The gunmen made good their escape, but the Reporter has confirmed that Corozal Police have two men in custody and are currently questioning them about the murder.

Police processed the scene and found twelve expended 9mm shells.

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