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Two Bodies Found, Tied Together Near Mapp Caye

June 23
10:11 2019

Sunday, June 23rd. 2019 –

Around 1:30 Saturday afternoon, Police were called to an area behind Mapp Caye, seven miles from Belize City, where they found the bodies of Jamar Martinez, 21 and Allyson Jones, 19. The two men had been shot and tied together, and had apparently floated at sea for days before they were found.

The bodies were taken to the medical school at the Burrell Boom junction, where they were identified by family members.

Martinez and Jones are the last of five men who left the city together on Tuesday morning, reportedly to set lobster traps near their camp on a caye ten miles from Belize City.

On Thursday evening, the body of Travis Cooke was found near Swallow Caye. He had been shot in his head. On Friday morning the body of Ernest Wills was found caught on mangroves in the Yarborough area and shortly after the body of Winston Santos was found in the sea between Swallow Caye and Belize City. Both men had been shot.

Police have not released what they believe to be the motive, but a Facebook post from one of the murder victims has surfaced which shows a picture of a large amount of cash, suggesting to investigators that the murders could be drug related.

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