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Editorial – Friday, June 28th. 2019

Editorial – Friday, June 28th. 2019
June 28
18:25 2019

The gunmen who shot and killed an American tourist who was out fly-fishing on the lagoon behind San Pedro don’t care about the immense damage they have done to Belize and her tourism industry.

They don’t care about Belize, and they don’t care about the people of Belize. They don’t care about the thousands of Belizeans who will be thrown out of work if the tourists stop coming. All they care about are themselves and their selfish desire to live as alfa males and leaders of a wolf-pack.

Apart from a fair trial, Belize doesn’t owe these people anything. They have shown themselves to be predators and outlaws and the enemy of the people because of their disdain for human life and for the Divine Law which commands: “Thou shalt not kill!”
And yet this Divine Law is the only law which works. Every other law which does not take it into account leads to tragedy and human misery. Life in Belize will become intolerable if these people continue to have their way.

They must be stopped, but how! The Police Commissioner, Mr. Chester Williams, made a valid point this week when he noted that the Police Department cannot be present for every murder committed in Belize. There are too many crimes of planned murder, which strike directly at the heart of the rule of law.

These killers believe that they are above the law; that their savagery will intimidate others and prevent them from speaking out. Belizean silence will protect them from being discovered.
This is the problem we face. People who know what’s going on keep silent because they don’t want any trouble with the killers.
Belize’s response must be to fashion an intelligence network which will reward and protect those who expose the killers. There are lots of people who know stuff about the killers, but they don’t have any incentive to reveal this information to anyone and they don’t have any protection if they do.

The thousands of people who complain on Facebook about crime in Belize have the right idea. But instead of complaining into a faceless Facebook space, people who have helpful information should have some place on social media to which they can confide with text messages in the privacy of their homes, without fear of being discovered.

The cell phone is a useful tool. People use it all the time to expose police excesses. If they had a confidential address to text to, they could give useful information that would help the police to prosecute the killers and help restore peace to our beautiful Belize.

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