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Mass Murder Baffles Cops

Mass Murder Baffles Cops
June 29
07:47 2019

Commissioner of Police Chester Williams has assigned a special task force, headed by senior officers, to head the investigation into the case of five men whose bodies were found floating out at sea between Thursday and Saturday. Indications are that the men were all shot at the same time and then dumped at sea, likely somewhere between Mapp Caye and Swallow Caye off the coast of Belize City.

ComPol Williams has assured the public that the Belize Police Department will be doing all in its capacity to break the case and find those that are responsible in an effort to provide the grieving families with closure and justice.

Williams is additionally asking for the public’s cooperation in assisting with any information or tips they might have which could be pertinent to the Police investigation. The Commissioner noted that he has appointed trusted senior officers to head the investigation and so he is confident that any tips provided to the Police will be kept confidential. The investigative task force is also being complemented by additional investigators who are all working simultaneously to crack the case, and another double homicide off San Pedro Town – “We are ensuring that we deal with these investigations in the most expedient and professional manner and so as a Police Department we will be making sure that we do our part,” stated Williams.

On Thursday evening, the first body clad in an undershirt and boxer shorts was found floating near Swallow Caye, three miles off the coast of Belize City. The body had no identification on it and so Police disseminated a photo of the victim’s tattoos to the media and shortly after, through that medium, they were able to identify the body as that of Travis Cooke, 23. An examination revealed that Cooke had been shot to his head.

That first discovery causes a massive outcry, since it was revealed that Cooke was part of a group of five family members who had departed Belize City on Tuesday of that week to set lobster traps in the area of Swallow and Mapp Caye.

By the following morning, around 6:00 on Friday, reports emerged that the decomposed body of a male person was seen floating in the sea near the Yarborough area. Police retrieved and identified the body as that of boat captain Ernest Wills Sr., 49.

While authorities were busy processing that scene they were informed that another decomposed body, dressed only in boxer shorts, had turned up in an area north of Swallow Caye. The individual was later identified as Winston Santos, 40.

By then investigators were harboring suspicions that the two remaining fishermen of the five that left Belize together were dead, and on Saturday the decomposed bodies of Allyson Jones, 19 and Jamar Martinez, 21 were discovered, with gunshot injuries, tied together and floating in some mangroves behind Mapp Caye which is located approximately four miles from where Cooke and Santos were found.

Investigators are currently exploring the angle that the group of men might have happened upon a wet drop which led to their demise. At this week’s press briefing Commissioner Williams confirmed that over the past weeks authorities have received intelligence that a wet drop was made somewhere in southern Belize. Williams said that he suspected that some parcels from off the bunch might have gotten loose and drifted up towards Belize’s coast.

While persons have been detained and questioned, there have been no arrests at this time.

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