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What Was Crown’s Killers After ?

What Was Crown’s Killers After ?
July 05
08:45 2019

Friday, July 5th. 2019 –

A missing wallet, cellular phone and footwear, as well as evidence of damage to the front door of his home, are tell-tale signs that Neal Penn Road resident Errol Crown, 57, met his tragic end at the hands of someone who came to rob him.

Crown’s body, with cut wounds to his face and head, was discovered lying face-up in some grass at the back of his yard just after 6:05 a.m. on June 29th. Reports are that the discovery was made by one of Crowns tenants, who later called Police in to investigate.

ASP Alejandro Cowo, OC, CIB Belize City told the media that “we know that some of his belongings are missing. We cannot ascertain the amount of cash that was stolen from him, but we understand that his wallet and some monies are missing from him. We are looking at the angle of that possibility of him being robbed as we understand that on the previous morning he had collected some money for some rent from people that are living at his residence.”

Prior to his death, Crown was last seen alive on Friday night when he left from a family gathering on Dunn Street and headed home on his bicycle. One family member spoke to the Reporter, stating that “He was at his sister’s birthday party but didn’t stay long. He left the party early, I would say between eight and nine. He wasn’t even acting like himself as if he knew that his death was coming. He was a friendly and kind person. He never mentioned if he had any arguments with anyone, however his tenants told us that he had little arguments now and again with strangers.”

Family members additionally noted that Crown had a habit of bragging about how much money he had on him and so they suspect that on his way home he might have done exactly that or that someone had seen him with a wad of cash and decided to rob him.

Police say that residents living in the Raccoon Street Extension area reported hearing a commotion around midnight that night and so they suspect that was when Crown was being attacked.

Crown’s family is concerned that the murder of their loved one is just going to go down as another unsolved statistic. Police, however, say that they are doing all in their power to track down whoever is responsible for Crown’s death. They revealed that while they spoke to several of the tenants in Crown’s yard, no useful information was obtained and so far they have not been able to identify a suspect.

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