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Elderly Man Loses Both Legs in RTA

Elderly Man Loses Both Legs in RTA
July 05
08:33 2019

On Wednesday, July 3rd. Primitivo Itza, 69, of a Palmar Road Address on the outskirts of the Orange Walk District lost both of his legs over the weekend after he was crushed underneath a Tillett passenger bus on Queen Victoria Avenue.

Shortly before 6:00 p.m. on June 28th Central Park became crowded with spectators, Police Officers and traffic wardens who rushed to the scene of the ghastly accident. Itza could be seen lying on the pavement behind the rear wheel of the bus with blood seeping from both of his feet which had just been flattened underneath the heavy bus.

Cops along with the assistance of emergency personnel managed to extract Itza from underneath the wheel and he was rushed to the Northern Regional Hospital for treatment. Due to the serious nature of his injuries, doctors made a decision to amputate both of Itza’s legs.

The driver of the bus, Jovel Requeña was taken into Police custody where he was served with a notice of intended prosecution pending charges.

Requeña told police that shortly before the accident he was heading in a northerly direction and made a short stop in front of the park to let off passengers. According to Requeña when he drove off he heard a noise as if he had just run over something. Requeña said that when he exited to make checks he realized that Itza was underneath the bus.

At a press conference on Monday ACP Joseph Myvett of the National, Crimes Investigation Branch reserved his comment on whether investigators have been able to confirm who was at fault in the accident. Myvett did mention that the elderly man attempted to cross the street while the bus was moving.

Up until Wednesday, the Reporter confirmed with Police sources that Requeña has still not been charged.

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