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BARROW & WILLIAMS Does Legal Ballet – After FTC Findings

BARROW & WILLIAMS Does Legal Ballet – After FTC Findings
July 12
20:35 2019

Friday, 12 July 2019 –

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Dean Barrow, flanked by AIBL liquidator Julian Murillo and Central Bank Governor Joy Grant, refuted allegations made in a 50-page Court document filed by the Federal Trade Commission in Florida on June 10th. That document was filed to counter AIBL’s application to have bankruptcy proceedings heard in Belize, and not in the US.

PDF Of Letter Sent To All Media Orgs In Belize page 1  page 2

The document contained allegations against Prime Minister Barrow, his law firm and other parties associated with the Government of Belize and AIBL – allegations which the Prime Minister scuttled in a session which lasted approximately two hours.

Today, to bolster the public relations damage control in that extended session, law firm Barrow and Williams, acting on behalf of Prime Minister Dean Barrow, issued a powerful warning to all media houses, stating – “Though we remain mindful of your mandate as media houses, we are to emphasize that any reporting of material must be both true and fair to all involved. Given the spurious nature of this particular material, we emphasize that commentary that may be made on the basis of it may not be justifiable, including as either fair comment or as privileged.”

The letter, signed by attorney Nigel Ebanks, closes by stating, “We are to therefore notify you that any re-broadcast, re-publication, or repeating in any form of this information and/or of unjustifiable commentary related to it may subject you to civil action…any defamation or slander of our client poses a special risk to you since if you are proven liable, a court will be obliged to take our client’s standing and reputation into account with the result that any award of damages against you may be increased.”

Earlier today, the US Embassy in Belize also weighed in on the matter, warning against the use of the material contained in the document. The brief release stated, “The FTC is an independent entity, whose views and actions do not represent those of the U.S. government. Neither U.S. Embassy Belmopan nor the State Department contributed to or approved the FTC’s arguments as presented in its filing. Furthermore, we note that the persons referred to in the filing did not have an opportunity to counter the allegations in court. Therefore, we strongly caution against making any accusations based on the filing.”

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