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The Mystery Of A Murdered Mother & The Stabbing Of Her Child

The Mystery Of A Murdered Mother & The Stabbing Of Her Child
July 13
10:40 2019

Friday, July 12th. 2019 –

The murder of Yanira Novelo, 24 and the stabbing of her four-year-old-son continue to baffle investigators in Orange Walk who are working around the clock in pursuing several leads that they have turned up so far.

Late Thursday evening Police confirmed that they have one person detained for questioning and are seeking one more individual.

One of the main leads that Police are pursuing is tracking down a vehicle which is believed to have transported the young woman and her son to the deserted area on the San Lorenzo Road where she was later discovered dead. Police could not confirm whether Novelo was killed elsewhere and her body dumped at the location, or whether she was killed by more than one person.

Novelo’s body was discovered around 11:05 a.m. on Tuesday, July 9th by a search party, in a cane field about 4 miles into the dirt road. Sources say that Novelo was found lying face up about 500 feet inside a dirt path. On Wednesday a post mortem examination revealed that Novelo died from manual strangulation. Other Police sources say that five stab wounds were also observed on her chest.

The search effort was launched on Monday evening after a concerned resident showed up at the Orange Walk Police Station with Novelo’s 4-year-old son. The man explained to Police that he found the little boy wandering on the dirt road with a stab wound to his abdomen area as well as other injuries to the body.

The man went on to state that when he questioned the child about what he was doing on the road the child told him that his mother was being held hostage by some men on a farm located on the said road and that he had managed to escape.

The child was then rushed to the Northern Regional Hospital where he was admitted for treatment. Following the child’s discovery authorities then launched an investigation for the child’s relative which later led to an all-out manhunt for his missing mother. NCIB Head, ACP Joseph Myvett said that even though authorities executed searches in the area where Novelo’s son was found they did not find her until the following day.

At the commencement of the murder investigation, it was suspected that the young mother was killed due to reports that she had journeyed into Orange Walk Town on Monday to collect some money from a financial agent. The plot thickened on Thursday when Myvett confirmed that while Novelo did visit a financial institution she did not collect any money that day. Myvett further disclosed that an investigation into the woman’s visit at the institution revealed that a Police mobile was in the area when Novelo left. According to Myvett, the officers reported that while they saw Novelo, accompanied by her son they did not see anybody following her, or paying undue attention to her.

Myvett disclosed that after departing from the financial agent Novelo visited several other locations in town and while Police gathered statements from multiple persons who came into contact with Novelo that day, they were unable to make significant headway.

Myvett said that Police have even spoken to Novelo’s son – “The Police have spoken to him in the presence of his grandmother and other family members but I can say that some information was had and taking into consideration his age there is going to definitely be some supporting or other evidence, hence the reason we have not been able to make a determination as to the motive.”

Family members disclosed that around 10:00 a.m. on Monday Novelo, accompanied by her son who was celebrating his birthday, departed from their home in San Jose on board a passenger bus. She had told family members that she was going to collect some money so that she could have a birthday party for her son this coming weekend. The last time anyone heard from Novelo was around 1:45 p.m. when she placed an order for a piñata.

The callous murder of the young woman and even the sickening attack against the child is no doubt a level of cold-heartedness that if not addressed can create long-lasting trauma on the surviving child. Judith Alpuche, CEO in the Ministry of Human Development, termed the act “horrendous, heartbreaking and a frightening case.”

Alpuche explained what her Department will be doing to aid the child in his recovery – “Our role, in that case, would be to support the family, to support this child in whatever way is needed. Counseling if that is needed, I know there needs to be an assessment. The first thing would be looking at how the child heals physically from it. Whatever support that the family needs, but right now what that child needs is to be supported by people who love him and our role then is to support those people that love him to ensure that he can heal both physically and psychologically.”

Novelo was buried on Thursday in San Jose Village amid a peaceful protest calling for justice to be served on her behalf.

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