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A Nation Traumatized By Many Mysterious Murders, Why ?

A Nation Traumatized By Many Mysterious Murders, Why ?
July 17
18:25 2019


By: Michael M Barrow

Wednesday, July 17th. 2019 – See also a chronology of the related news

In the past 72 hours the nation of Belize and in particular, Belize City is traumatized by daily murders and mysterious events that begs the question, WHY ?, does a nation of 350 thousand and a City with approximately 100 thousand people have a higher homicide rate than London, a city of 8.1 million.

We commend the continuous efforts of the police and those who are trying to find solutions and strategy to combat the root cause of the problem. But the last 3 days has been so outrageous that we all must ask more questions, as to why is this happening.

Today, Allyson Major died at the KHMH after being shot by an unknown police officer, while fleeing the police, but driving in the direction of the main police station.

At a press conference earlier today, Ret’d. Col. George Lovell, CEO in the Ministry of National Security, told the media this afternoon that the public can be assured that there will be a thorough investigation into the death of Allyson Major, and if indeed the allegations of him being shot without provocation by a Police Officer is true, then that officer will be dealt with.

And, in response to the death of their love-one, the family of Allyson Majors sought the legal assistance of the Law Firm of Musa and Balderamos .

Following the murder of Allyson Major as a result of a bullet fired by a Police Officer, representatives from the Ministry of National Security and the Belize Police Department met with family members of Major at the offices of Musa and Balderamos in Belize City. Attorney and friend of the deceased, Kareem Musa, spoke to the media after the meeting. (see Video below).

The following murder incidents is a list of the past 72 hours in Belize

On Monday, July 15th. 2019 – A gruesome discovery was made when half of the body of 16 year old Doren Grinage was found in the river near the water treatment facility.

On Tuesday July 16th. 2019 – A small shop owner and Businessman Jose H Diaz was killed for unknown reasons.

On Tuesday July 16th. 2019 – Unarmed Allyson Major (a teacher with no significant criminal record ) was pursued by police in a wild car chase into the heart of the city and shot in the head, he reportedly died the following morning at the hospital.

On Tuesday July 16th. 2019 – A well known Taxi-man Emmanuel Ampomah was murdered on the north side, and no sign of robbery was evident.

In addition to the homicides listed above, there are also 2 other violent crime incidents that happened during the past 72 hours, one that claimed the life of Nixon Pinto and another shooting incident in the village of Sand Hill that sent Ivan Hyde to the hospital.

We must all ask more questions, WHY IS THERE SO MUCH VIOLENCE IN BELIZE ?

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