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PUP Has Rural Clout in Week Four!

PUP Has Rural Clout in Week Four!
July 19
20:35 2019

The People’s United Party (PUP) claims it has been winning over the United Democratic Party (UDP) during village council elections over the past four Sundays, and the UDP has conceded two of those weeks, but their numbers are nothing close to similar. In fact, ironically, the UDP conceded more seats in last week’s round to the PUP than the PUP is even claiming!
The figures distributed this week by both camps are as follows: the UDP claims it won 94 seats last week Sunday, while conceding 144 seats to the PUP and 7 seats to independent candidates.

The PUP, on the other hand, only claimed 139 seats, while giving 99 to the UDP and 7 to independent candidates. The party says it snagged the majority in 20 of the 34 villages where elections were held.

PUP Chairman Henry Usher told the Reporter following the elections that the party expected the results, but what is a pleasant surprise to him is the caliber and number of people who want to run on the PUP ticket.

“The candidates offering themselves for local office are hard-working Belizeans who want to serve the people and represent their village. The work continues but the gains made by the PUP are clearly evident by the results over these last four weeks. We are building momentum going into the next general election.”

Usher’s remarks complement PUP Leader John Briceno’s remarks to us a couple weeks ago that “Belizeans are more emboldened now to vote against the government. They are very afraid of these guys. These guys are very vindictive. But they are seeing that their term is coming to an end and they know that the UDP is not going to make the next government, so they are more emboldened to vote the way they really want to vote.”

But UDP Chairman, Alberto August said not so fast! He told us that the UDP “will smash up the PUP next week,” which will be the second to last round of elections left to be held. August said that last Sunday’s results came as no surprise to his party because their members “knew that week four was the hardest week for us.”

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