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Authorities Raid ‘Stash’ House

Authorities Raid ‘Stash’ House
July 19
18:08 2019

A Police raid and search of what is believed to be a ‘stash house’ located at mile four and a half on the Phillip Goldson Highway on Tuesday morning yielded over 58 pounds of compressed high-grade cannabis and over twelve thousand dollars in local currency and has resulted in the arrest of two persons.

On Wednesday, July 17, cab driver Lynroy Longsworth, 34, and hairdresser Kenosha Beaton, 21, were both charged with two counts of possession of controlled drugs with the intent to supply. The first count was for the 24,621 grams of cannabis which was found concealed in a hidden compartment inside a parked van in the yard while the second charge was for the 236 grams found hidden inside the house.

Early on Tuesday morning a convoy of Police and military vehicles transporting Police and members of the Belize Defence Force descended on the property and with the assistance of the K9 Unit they sniffed out the first stash of marijuana inside the van. Authorities then stormed the house and found the additional packages along with the money. On the scene, they managed to detain Longsworth and Beaton and impounded the van.

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Commander of Operations ACP Marco Vidal told the press that since July 4th, Longsworth was the subject of a surveillance operation – “the information is from intelligence. The information is worked up on these persons and when the time is right, then the operation is launched. That was the case yesterday.”

As part of the investigation, the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) was also called in to determine the source of the money. Longsworth, according to Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, is believed to be a major wholesale supplier of high-grade Mexican Kush in Belize. Williams said that evidence collected from the scene was able to substantiate that Longsworth is a distributor of the product and so authorities are working alongside the FIU to see whether they can conduct an ‘asset forfeiture’ under the Anti-Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime Act.

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