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Briceño to PM Barrow: ‘For God’s Sake LEAVE!’

Briceño to PM Barrow: ‘For God’s Sake LEAVE!’
July 19
07:46 2019

Today, PUP leader John Briceño, flanked by party officials, hosted a press conference where he lashed out at Prime Minister Dean Barrow in the wake of the Sanctuary Bay scandal, dubbed the largest scam ever investigated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

“Mr. Barrow…Sanctuary Bay is your UDP Government’s scandal. Your law firm represented them. Your government supported them. You even went so far as to personally help to settle the case against Atlantic International Bank. You can’t run. You can’t hide. You can’t use big words to explain this scandal away. You must now own this,” Briceño stated.

The Sanctuary Bay scandal has been simmering for some months now as the FTC has continued to compile evidence against alleged players in the real estate scam which defrauded American investors to the tune of more than $100 MILLION. It burst into flames with the demise of Atlantic International Bank Limited, which the FTC says played a very critical and pivotal role in facilitating the fraud. But the real explosion came last week with the exposure of a 50-page FTC Court document filed on June 10th, in response to AIBL’s application to have Chapter 15 proceedings heard in Belize.

That document was brought to the attention of the media early in the week, and by Wednesday the Prime Minister had called a press conference, flanked by AIBL Liquidator Julian Murillo and Central Bank Governor Joy Grant, to distance himself from incendiary allegations in the documents – allegations that named him, his law firm Barrow and Williams, members of his Cabinet, UDP officials, and other government and political functionaries as players in the Sanctuary Bay scenario.
Barrow, in the two-hour long session, stopped just short of stating that the FTC lied, claiming that he had no wish to tangle with that powerful entity. But he debunked the allegations and insisted that he had never met with any of the principals, nor had he ever played any role in any capacity with the Sanctuary Bay development. In fact, the Prime Minister claimed to know nothing about Sanctuary Bay at all, except that it was somewhere in the south of the country.
And to ensure that that would be the end of that, last Friday the Prime Minister’s law firm, Barrow and Williams, issued a letter to media houses on his behalf, warning that any repetition of the FTC’s allegations in the media would result in suit being filed, with special considerations given the office of the Prime Minister.

Briceño today condemned the Prime Minister for seeking to stifle the media to protect his own name, claiming that Barrow has done nothing to protect or defend Belize and its financial sector from the black eye caused by the scandal. “You sought to clear only yourself of wrongdoing. No one believes your words or trusts your deeds anymore, and that is a fact,” Briceño stated.

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