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Fake Cops Invade SI/SE Mayor’s Home

Fake Cops Invade SI/SE Mayor’s Home
July 20
07:09 2019

San Ignacio/Santa Elena Town Mayor, Earl Trapp is recovering from injuries he suffered during a home invasion on Tuesday night July 16th. at his home in San Ignacio Town.

The Mayor told the Reporter on Wednesday that he was asleep at home around 9:40 p.m., when his wife, Claudeth Trapp, woke him up and told him that three Policemen had knocked at the door and were asking for him. Mayor Trapp said he put on a shirt and went to the door and the three men, dressed in camouflage clothing and wearing caps that resembled Police gear, told him that they were doing patrols but needed something to rehydrate and asked for something to drink. He said that he opened the door and that was when one of them said that he was under arrest. He said he figured out from that point that the men were really criminals impersonating the Police and decided to resist. He said that two of them attacked him while the third pulled out a handgun and held it at his wife’s head and demanded money.

But the Mayor did not yield to the men’s demands. He said they produced duct tape and tried to restrain his arms and legs while they exchanged blows and kicks. In the process, one of the men even bit him on the face. When they realized that he would not give up, he said they went to his bedroom and removed a safe in which he had $3,000 US dollars he had changed for a scheduled trip to the US next week on work-related matters. The men left in a red SUV that was waiting nearby. A surveillance camera captured the assailants entering and leaving the premises.

Mayor Trapp informed us that he believes the incident was the result of collusion by someone who knows his home and that he had money there because the men knew the layout of the house. He also said that he believes he can identify one of the assailants if he saw him again. He told us in retrospect that it was strange that the Police would randomly enter his yard without hailing first and then go upstairs to his door to ask for something to drink.

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvett advised citizens on Wednesday to get the identification of law enforcement authorities who visit your home before opening your door to them. He added that if they are real Police Officers they will come in Police vehicles. Mayor Trapp went one step further to advise persons to call the Police first and inquire if they sent a patrol to your house before giving anyone claiming to be Police Officers access to your home.

The Mayor shared that he will now enhance the security features at his property. The incident, he said, has not only shaken his wife, but has now caused them to take an abundance of caution. He says that once he is in for the night, he will not open his door to anyone, and that anyone who wants to see him must go to his office at 8:00 a.m., on weekdays.

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