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Caught Dumping Pups On Camera! – Facebook Post

Caught Dumping Pups On Camera! – Facebook Post
July 26
21:27 2019

Three puppies between seven and eight weeks old, who were dumped like garbage on the roadside on Saturday, had to be euthanized on Monday because there was no available means of treating them and housing them for the duration it would have required to nurse them back to health, coupled with the financial costs that treatment and fostering and care would have necessitated.

The unceremonious dumping of the puppies was also caught on camera! And the persons who were seen in the act – a child included – drove off even as someone who witnessed the incident yelled at them for doing so!

The video which was posted on Facebook, showed the dark blue SUV driving to the side of the George Price Highway in front of Amigo’s Restaurant and a man getting out of the right rear passenger door, walking to the rear of the vehicle, and letting out the boy who got out with a carton box which contained the three puppies. The child walked over with the box to the edge of the entrance to Amigo’s and put the box down and ran back to the vehicle, where he and the man got back in and the vehicle continued on its way towards Belize City.

The abandonment of the puppies took place during a drizzle on a weekend that was punctuated by heavy rainfall throughout the country and if someone was not in the vicinity where the puppies were left, chances are that the heavy downpour would have resulted in them crawling out to seek shelter and getting run over on the highway.

The person who saw the incident unfold did not want to reveal their identity, but told the Reporter how they managed to rescue the puppies – two females and a male – from becoming “roadkill.”

“I just happened to be outside when it happened; I saw the guy put the box down and went to see what it was. I started yelling at them. They saw me and still dumped the box. I took the pups out of the rain, gave them food and water, kept them until today (Monday) before I could get [them] to the vet. Then I replayed the cameras to try and get a license plate number of the vehicle.”

The rescuer revealed that the puppies were infested with ticks and fleas, had mange, were trembling and appeared to be cold and scared. Nonetheless, they dried them off, gave them food and water and tried to clean them up as best they could, and tried to make them as comfortable as possible until they could take them to the vet Monday morning.

That drive to the vet did not result in any good news: Dr. Orlando Baptist conveyed that the pups could have lived perfectly normal, healthy, happy lives, if only the person who had them had taken the interest to care for them properly. “If they were properly cared for, their condition was preventable,” he said.

The Belmopan Humane Society, which became aware of the situation just before the decision was made to euthanize the puppies told us that whoever that person was who dumped those puppies was “heartless!”

“If you don’t want your animals to breed, get them spayed and neutered. Just don’t dump pups like they are garbage.”
The rescuer lamented that if the situation was not bad enough, the man had the child take out the box with the puppies and put it on the roadside and leave them there, teaching the youth a callous, merciless act. “Any decent human wouldn’t let an animal suffer like that. I hope these people are recognized by someone out there. And maybe others will think twice of doing this to any type of animal,” the rescuer snapped.

While the laws pertaining to animals and their accompanying penalties may need revising, Attorney General, Michael Peyrefitte guided us to the Cruelty to Animals Act, Chapter 115, Revised Edition 2000. Section six lays out a list of offenses for anyone any domesticated animal. “Any person who cruelly beats, ill-treats, over-drives, over-loads, tortures, or causes or procures any animal to be ill-treated, beaten, over-driven, abused or tortured is guilty of an offence and is liable to a fine not exceeding one hundred dollars…” the law states in part.

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