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Editorial – Friday, July 26th. 2019

Editorial – Friday, July 26th. 2019
July 26
21:33 2019

On Monday this week the Trade Union Congress called on the government to consider a radical review of its policies and plans to fight escalating crime in Belize.

This is good advice which should be heeded by men and women of good will. If crime is allowed to continue on its projected path, no one will be safe, neither the Police nor the politicians, not even in their own homes.

Our streets have become a killing ground, and our villages, once considered peaceful hamlets, are teeming with intrigue and smuggling and violence. The gangs live in open defiance of the Police and they have the ability to strike at will.

The drug cartels are operating with impunity, moving large stocks of cocaine in and out of the country, and there are people in the Police Department and in the administrative arm of government who have become active collaborators.

The Belizean economy continues to meander lazily along, unable to support the 4 percent natural population growth, and the steady inflow of immigrants from Central America, China and India, now competing for limited resources available to the private sector.

We believe that the National Trade Union Congress of Belize has put its finger on the pulse of the Belizean experience when it says that the surge in crime is “manifestation of an inequitable economy that has few social protections in place.”
Under the present spoils system, only those with the money to bribe officials to get what they want, will survive.

The National Trade Union Congress has called on the Police Department, the Financial Intelligence Unit, and the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions to be more conscientious in the performance of their duties.

We at the Reporter are calling on the elected representatives of the government to mend their ways.
They have strayed far from the guiding principles that led to the formation of the United Democratic Party. We need opportunity and encouragement for all Belizeans who want to work and an aversion to bribes and kickbacks – vices which cripple a nation and rob it of its soul.

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