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July 26
21:50 2019

Major Lloyd Jones (Ret’d)

“Micah reproaches unjust leaders, defends the rights of the poor against the rich and powerful; while looking forward to a world at peace…”. REF URL:

Book of Micah – WikipediaThe Book of Micah is the sixth of the twelve minor prophets in the Hebrew Bible / Old Testament. Ostensibly, it records the sayings of Micah, whose name is Mikayahu (Hebrew: מִיכָיָ֫הוּ), meaning “Who is like Yahweh?”, an 8th-century BC prophet from the village of Moresheth in Judah (Hebrew name from the opening verse: מיכה המרשתי). …

The recent news about the alleged involvement of some of our senior public officials in the Sanctuary Bay scandal has reminded us why we need better people in politics.

I am fifty years old and I regret to say that my generation has left Belize a bitter legacy. Those of us on the back side of the hill need to make way for younger, more energetic and talented Belizeans. It is their time to lead and maybe, just maybe, they can get us off this gravel road upon which my generation and those before have set our beloved Belize.

I watched with great admiration the efforts of the young lion, Micah, to build a scholarship fund. His target was a mere $10,000, and I say a mere $10,000 because if you recall the wife of the Prime Minister had achieved a historic $1 million in her fundraiser for the Inspiration Center. Unlike Mrs Barrow though, Micah is a lowly City Councilor, not the spouse of a Prime Minister, and so there was to be no Jack Charles bearing $95,000 and there was to be no Boots bearing $250,000.

The Mayor of Belize City, the distinguished Bernard Wagner, did pledge to match Micah’s efforts and true to his word he delivered. Micah now has $20,000 with which to help the young people of the City.

Education is one of the most powerful tools with which a man can be equipped. Too many of us in Belize are without an education not because we are dull but because we are broke. Unfortunately, in Belize two things have happened to deprive us of access to education. The first is that the purveyors of education have turned it into a business and the second is that politicians (many of whom are uneducated themselves) have ignored formal education in favor of political servitude.

Micah’s fundraising effort is therefore to address the first problem: the business of education. Even though on paper education is supposed to be free the management of schools, in their service to Canterbury and Rome, have found a way to hustle the Belizean people.

I recall when I was in high school I was put out of class because I did not have a textbook. The then principal had become impatient, I guess, and so in front of the entire class he called out about four of us who did not have the textbook and sent us home until we procured the book. I had never felt such embarrassment in my life. My body was heavy as I gathered my things and walked out the classroom. On my way home I cried on the road, I felt so ashamed.

It took my poor mother almost a week before she could find the $28 to buy the book (and a second hand one at that). I did not want to go back to school but my mother would not have it. It was either school or the belt! I am forever grateful to her that she insisted that I got an education. At the time my mother was only a primary school graduate but she understood even then, that it was only education that could deliver us from poverty.

I am proud of what Micah is doing, not because he is a PUP but because of where he came from. You see, like me, Micah knows the sting of poverty. He understands what it is like to go without; he knows firsthand, the struggle that so many of our young people are facing.

Micah is a ghetto youth who has achieved a lot in his young life. Being alive and productive is a huge achievement in and of itself, especially when you understand the genocide of black Belizeans that is unfolding before our very eyes.

Micah has had some falls along his political path; his social media outbursts are legendary. The recent suspension of his portfolio really hit him hard though and I think it thought him some invaluable lessons. In my view he has emerged from that experience a better man.

It is easy to misunderstand a man like Micah because there seems to be a certain degree of impatience about him; great men/women are often like that. They have a vision and they pursue it with such explosive energy, that they are hard to constrain.

I remember the first time I heard that Micah was going to be running in Collet. I asked the question: what does Micah bring to the table other than youth? Today I need not ask such a question.

Micah is destined for great things if he remains humble, stay clear of corruption and always, always put the people above Party. His scholarship fund and his work as a youth councilor are a great start but I have a feeling that there is way more to come.

The bible, in the book of Proverbs, tells us that he that findeth a wife findeth a good thing. Micah has found a wife and I think that Marley has brought a level of stability into his life. Marley is an accomplished young woman in her own right and together they make a power couple. Ten years from now nobody will be talking about Dean and Kim; they will be talking about Micah and Marley. As it is written….

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