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PUP’s John Briceño Survives Serious RTA

PUP’s John Briceño Survives Serious RTA
August 09
20:27 2019

On Friday August 2nd. PUP Leader John Briceño and his driver, Edwin Hill, had to be taken to the Northern Medical Plaza in Orange Walk Town after the vehicle that Hill was driving in the company of Briceño ran off the road and flipped several times, landing off the highway last week Friday.

It happened near Mile 37, in the Rhaburn Ridge area on the Philip Goldson Highway, sometime around 9:45 that morning while Briceño and Hill were heading to Belize City. The initial report on the media was that Hill swerved onto the shoulder of the road to avoid a collision with a passenger bus belonging to Albion Bus Company. Loose gravel on that section of the road caused Hill to lose control of the vehicle and that was what caused the Toyota Prado to flip.

The People’s United Party (PUP) issued a press release minutes after the incident, informing that Briceño was involved in the traffic accident and that he had been rushed for medical attention:

Briceño told the Reporter on Tuesday that “Edwin and I walked out of the vehicle with minor cuts and bruises. It’s indeed a miracle. I will get some rest at home for about two weeks.” Briceño, who had already suffered a neck injury from a previous incident, was wearing a neck brace at the time of last week’s mishap.

Villagers said they heard a bang and when they went to see what had happened, they encountered Briceño and Hill coming out of the badly damaged Prado SUV. Briceño had a head injury and someone assisted him with a cloth to stop the bleeding before he and Hill were taken to Orange Walk for medical assistance. He had to receive stitches and remained under observation overnight under the watchful eye of his former party Area Representative for Orange Walk East, Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez.

At Monday’s press briefing, Assistant Commissioner of Police Joseph Myvett shared with the media that Police have summoned the driver of the Albion bus, Nadiel Cajun, for driving without due care and attention, and shared what the Police had on the accident.

“I can tell you that two small vehicles and a passenger bus were northbound and one of those vehicles which were at the front slowed down, causing the other vehicle to apply brakes and in so doing, the bus was unable to stop and then veered into the oncoming lane and as a result of that Mr. Briceno’s driver, Mr. Hill, in order to avoid a head-on collision, drove off the road to the right which caused him to lose control of the vehicle.”

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