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Vehicle Plunges into Haulover Creek

Vehicle Plunges into Haulover Creek
August 09
20:45 2019


Commuters in downtown Belize City on Tuesday morning were witness to a real-live sequence of events that could have rivaled any Hollywood action movie.

An out of control SUV was involved in an accident with a motorcycle and another Jeep before slamming into the Swing Bridge pedestrian rail and plunging into the Haulover Creek.

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According to police, Jasmine Smith, 22, and a minor were traveling in the Kia Sportage SUV up North Front street from the direction of the Image Factory when the accelerator reportedly jammed. The red Sportage sped up and collided into a motorcycle rider ahead of it before slamming the motorist into an oncoming Jeep and crashing into the railway at the base of the bridge, running over a tacos stand, sending many jumping to safety, before making a large splash into the Haulover creek.

The dramatic scene drew the attention of a nearby career fisherman, Herman Williams, who was standing on the bridge at the time. When he saw that there were two female occupants trapped inside the vehicle, he sprang into action, literally jumping off the bridge to save their lives. Williams jumped onto the drifting SUV as the river’s currant took it downstream toward the bridge. He acted quickly to free the driver, who indicated she could swim and pushed her toward shore before assisting the other passenger, who could not swim. As others in the area responded to help, a nearby fisher in a canoe paddled over to take the minor to safety.

Williams later reluctantly spoke to the media recounting the ordeal. He grimly noted that when he first saw what was happening he begged others in the area for help but was dismayed to see that the majority chose to pull out their phones and record the event rather than offering any assistance.

Fortunately, no one was seriously injured in the chaotic sequence, though Williams lost his keys to his house and boat as well as some money and his shoes in the process of rescuing the two women. The pair was taken for medical attention while Police processed the scene. The vehicle was removed from the river by a crane around midday.

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