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Editorial – Plus – Friday, August 16th. 2019

Editorial – Plus – Friday, August 16th. 2019
August 16
12:10 2019

The Chinese community in Belize is a mostly immigrant community which has successfully made the transition from mainland China to Belize; from a communist system of strict accountability to an easy-going democratic system.

The community has managed to bring in a steady trickle of immigrants, mostly family, despite Belize’s strict immigration laws.

These men and women have become a community of shop-keepers who work long hours and generally mind their own business. We find scores of them in every town and in most villages of Belize, unobtrusive yet omnipresent They have developed a winning formula for success based on Boledo, Belikin and retail business.

But now the Chinese Community in Belize is facing a crisis of identity due to political ideology. Recently its leadership, under the initiative of its President Mr. Johnston Ou, has demonstrated a working relationship with Beijing, or in the words of Mr. Ou, with the Zhi Gong Party of Communist China.

Last month he led a delegation to Beijing, a delegation which included members of the PUP leadership, and acted as interpreter to the delegation. He explained that he was there by mere coincidence since he had planned a trip to China anyway. But the coincidence is too striking, and nobody believes him.

The Belize-Chinese Association was quick to point out in a public statement that it did not sponsor the trip to China and in fact had no part in its planning and execution.

But this is the first time that the Belize – Chinese Association has been associated publicly with a political event involving Communist China, and a mere declaration of innocence is not sufficient to clear its name.
The people of Belize need to be assured that the Belize Chinese Association is not a monster in our midst, conspiring to bring about radical political change.

The Belize Chinese Association needs to show by its actions, not merely by words, that this camaraderie of its president with China was a serious misstep, an act of gross ingratitude which the association is striving to correct.

It should insist on the resignation of its President, Mr. Ou, who has brought the association into disrepute and dishonor.

Failure to this will cast a shadow over the integrity and intentions of the Belize-Chinese association.

For even though China has made great strides on the international stage, not one in our immigrant community of Chinese is willing to go back home and give up the peace, the tranquility and the prosperity which he/she now enjoys in Belize.

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