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Belmopan Mechanic Shot Inside His Yard

Belmopan Mechanic Shot Inside His Yard
August 22
12:17 2019

A shooting on Monday night (Aug. 19th.) at a mechanic shop located on Sinsonte Street in Belmopan has left one man recovering from gunshot wounds to various parts of his body.

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The victim has been identified as local mechanic Brian Chavarria, 44, who was shot by a known male person while standing inside his yard.

Police say that sometime after 9:20 p.m. on August 19th Chavarria was socializing with a group of men when he got into an argument with one of them. Police say that the man left the location but allegedly returned with a firearm which he used to shoot Chavarria.

One eyewitness who lived near to the victim claims that prior to the incident Chavarria had told her that he did not want individuals around his residence conducting illegal activities. According to the woman, Chavarria told her that he had approached the individuals and told them his concern. The woman, therefore, believes that Chavarria must have approached the individual and told him to take his ‘business’ elsewhere and that resulted in the shooting.

Other persons living close to Chavarria say that he has an impeccable background, and does not cause trouble or meddle in questionable dealings. Belmopan Police are seeking one known suspect for questioning.

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