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Mother Detained for Child’s Death

August 24
08:28 2019

On Thursday, August 22, 9 year old Danielle Hall from Unitedville, Cayo was buried, and according to the postmortem examination she was the victim of manual strangulation , but whose death is shrouded in deep mystery.

On Friday, August 16, little Danielle Hall was at home in the village with her mother, Emily Ico, 29, as was ordinarily the case, when at around 10 a.m., neighbours reported hearing strange noises coming from the wooden house. They heard Emily breaking up things and screaming loudly – behaviour which was very different from the quiet, pleasant, God-fearing personality she had been known to display, and who used the Bible often as a frequent reference on her own life.

That day, however, something inexplicable happened. The neighbours alerted Emily’s common-law husband, Daniel Hall, who went home to see what was wrong. But what Hall walked into was nothing he had prepared himself for mentally or emotionally and family members say that he is completely shattered by the appalling discovery. Upon entering the house, there was broken things everywhere, and on a bed he found his and Emily’s only child, Danielle, dead. Emily was on the floor, reportedly rolling about, acting strangely.

Hall’s efforts to seek medical help for his daughter at Loma Luz Hospital were fruitless and his questions, joined by those of many others since the incident are still unanswered as to what possibly happened after he left Emily and Danielle that morning and headed for work.

At the centre of the investigation is Emily, who has been under psychiatric evaluation since her little girl’s death. She has reportedly still not spoken coherently and as investigators await instructions on how to move ahead on the matter legally, Emily’s family and friends are waiting to hear what the psychiatric assessment will reveal. She has since been moved from under Police guard at the Western Regional Hospital to the psychiatric clinic in Belmopan, where that treatment continues to be administered.

The incident has brought to the fore the discussion about external or supernatural forces being involved, and while there has been no tangible reasoning given so far, there are conversations among family members that Emily had been displaying strange behaviour from the Sunday prior to the incident, days after a funeral service that was held for her recently-departed grandmother. She led the choir that day and little Danielle sat in the front pew as the family mourned their dearly departed.

But there were signs, some say in retrospect, which suggest there were other things amidst. There are reports that on that Sunday, Emily started to act strangely in church, and a few days later, she reportedly scribbled on paper that the pastor was saying the wrong things. She also asked that the pastor go to her house and pray for her, and then she also texted a few people from the church but the messages were incoherent. But no one thought that these were early manifestations of the tragedy to come.

All the villagers and family members knew was that this was someone who never engaged in habits that alter one’s judgment, such as drinking, smoking or night life activities. She was in a stable relationship, was involved in the village’s women’s group, and her love for her daughter was unquestionable. She was never abusive to her little girl, from all accounts. In fact, a relative shared with the Reporter that she took the time to train her child to be polite and mannerly and treated her well. The little girl was doing well in school and looking forward to returning to school next month – dreams and expectations that have been ruined by the unexplained.

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