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UPDATE – UPDATE – UPDATE, Violent Head-On-Collision In Spanish Lookout

August 25
07:24 2019

Monday, August 26th. – 2019 – 8.00am –

The Reporter has been able to confirm that this weekend’s fatal RTA. Police Cpl. Lenard Puc and Manuel Cabb were in a red Geo Prism which collided into a white Dodge Ram on Center Road in Spanish Lookout Saturday evening.

Puc and Cabb were killed, while Oscar Rivero and his three year old son, the occupants of the Dodge Ram, are in stable condition at the Western Regional Hospital.

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Sunday, August 25th. – 2019 – 6.00am –

On Saturday August 24th. There was an extremely violent traffic accident on a stretch of road in Spanish Lookout. Speculation is high in the town and surrounding villages that the drivers of both vehicles were playing a very dangerous game of chicken at high speed on the road, or that the drivers of both vehicle were asleep.

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The violent head-on-collision occurred in the late afternoon hours when there was daylight and a clear day. At this news time we understand that there are two fatalities, and one of the victims is a police officer, he has been identified as Cpl. Leonard Puc.

More details about this developing news will be available here, VIA UPDATES.

Read the full story and detail in Friday’s REPORTER NEWSPAPER

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