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UPDATE – UPDATE – UPDATE U.S Feds & Belize Police Descend On Apartment Complex In Ladyville

UPDATE – UPDATE – UPDATE U.S Feds & Belize Police Descend On Apartment Complex In Ladyville
September 19
11:04 2019

Friday, Sept. 20th. 2019 – 7am. –

The REPORTER has confirmed that the person who was arrested at the apartment complex in Ladyville is an American national who was wanted by the US authorities for the crimes of sexual abuse, sodomy and rape. He is Lad Dwayn Ottofy of Kentucky, USA.

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Belize authories said that Mr. Ottofy will be expelled from Belize and turned over to U.S Marshalls.

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Thursday, Sept. 19th. 2019 – 10am. –

The Reporter has been able to confirm that there are currently local Police and what appear to be US law enforcement personnel at an apartment complex in Ladyville owned by former UDP Senator Juliet Thimbriel.

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Sources say that they are looking for one of the tenants at the complex, but despite multiple queries we have been unable to get any verification from official sources.

At news time of this posting, it is still unclear who the Federal marshals were looking for. More details about this developing news will be available here, VIA UPDATES on this page.

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